Creating a Business Plan and a Mom Plan…by Jennifer Probst

on November 19, 2019

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash If we run a business, most of us have created a business plans. I found this critical as my business grew, and I wrote new books, and took on a team to help make me successful. I try and tweak it each year, and sometimes sooner if I feel… Read More

How To Write a Book in 30 Days (Kind of)

on November 7, 2019

It’s been a hell of a year. I knew back in January it’d be a challenge. I had decided to take on more travel than I’ve had before—I was honored to be invited as a keynote speaker and teach a masterclass, and then there were some conferences I needed to attend, including Paris (because who… Read More

The Top Ten Signs You May be Crazy (aka a WRITER)

on October 2, 2019

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with my writing peeps. My tribe, so to speak. I’ve had a few events back to back, and began to realize how crazy I feel most of the time. Except when I’m with other writers. Then I feel completely normal. It’s a good lesson to be reminded… Read More

Then…and Now…

on September 22, 2019

Ten years ago, I wrote my first blog post on my brand new website. It was called Musings of a Soccer Mom. My son was 4 years old and had just started pee wee soccer. I was overwhelmed with his refusal to play on the team. The coach was super nice and supportive, and would… Read More