Bad Mommy

on April 29, 2010

On Wednesdays, I rush home from work to see half of Jake’s soccer practice, so when my husband called to tell me practice was cancelled, I automatically looked at my gym bag which I keep in the car (along with the 100 other items that make it my second home.).  “Maybe I’ll go to the… Read More

Choices – Head or Heart?

on April 25, 2010

I have been torn between a choice in the past few months and time is ticking away. Time to make a decision. My dilemma? Do I go to the RWA Writer’s conference in Nashville or get a new kitchen floor?  As in life, the choice is not as simple on the surface as it seems…. Read More


on April 20, 2010

Excerpt from “The Marriage Bargain.”             “This means nothing.” His body contradicted his words as he claimed her mouth in a fierce kiss.  With one quick thrust, his tongue pushed through the seam of her lips to travel beyond.  Her mind fogged, caught between the dull pain of his statement and the pleasure pounding through… Read More

The Game

on April 18, 2010

Ah, Jake’s first soccer game was this weekend. And it was awful.  Really awful. First, it was rainy and cold, and the kid had a uniform consisting of shorts, short sleeved shirt and knee socks. My son is not a morning person (like me) and instead of having coffee, he likes to eat leisurely, watch… Read More

Musings of a (Gasp!) Soccer Mom

on April 16, 2010

            Ok, so I drive a minivan.             And my son just started soccer.             It’s official.  I am no longer the twenty-something, single-something, Sex and the City heroine with great shoes.  I am what society has now termed, “a soccer mom.” The term never inspired fear in me – no, that would mean I… Read More