Buffy and the Carrot

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Meet a very special bunny named Buffy.

Meet a very special carrot named Julianna.

But can love conquer all?

Even bunnies want a happy ending….
Carrots Are Good for You!

Buffy the rabbit has plenty of friends, but he is still lonely. Looking for someone to share his life, Buffy finds a very dear carrot, and just knows that the carrot is his one true love! He names his carrot Julianna. The other bunnies make fun of Buffy, but he doesn’t care, because he only needs Julianna to make him happy. After a devastating storm comes and destroys all the food, Buffy grows hungrier by the minute. What will he do? Buffy looks at his one true love and makes a decision.


I co-wrote this very special children’s book with my twelve-year-old niece, Taylor Probst. Help support a young writer’s dream and pick up a copy today!

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What People are Saying About Buffy and the Carrot

“Buffy and the Carrot by Jennifer Probst and Taylor Probst is a delightful story with a surprise ending.” Janet Lane Walters, Author of the YA fantasy series, The Henge Betrayed: Book 1 Flight and Refuge

“Delightful and entertaining reading!” Helen Buhler, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Program Director of Communication Disorders, Mercy College

From Biblioreads: “What a quirky and fun book! The story is unique, silly and playful and the black marker/colored pencil illustrations have childlike appeal.”

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