Sex, Lies and Contracts

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An unbreakable contract. A stunning lie. And lots of mind blowing, take-no prisoners sex…Can love and truth triumph?

Julianna needs to marry a man with money to save her family estate.

Jack needs to marry a woman who will love him for himself, and not for his wealth and title.

 When Jack disguises himself a gardener, and promises to show Julianna the dark world of pleasure she never experienced, he’s convinced his heart is safe. But when his cousin comes to town, disguised as the perfect husband for Julianna and intent on stealing Jack’s legacy, he ignites a chain reaction that will change them forever. Can love and truth triumph?

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 Reviews: 4 STARS!

“Sex, Lies and Contracts is an amazing romance novel with lots of steamy scenes that will make you squirm in your seat. I enjoyed reading how Jack helped Juliana to get out of her shell. Turning her into a sensual woman, that was trapped deep inside her. The chemistry and the dialogue between them is, in one word hot.  Bryce’s character seemed to evolve throughout the story from a cold bastard to truly dangerous and sadistic; he’s a true villain with who should feel no compassion for. Sex, Lies and Contracts was a lovely read that had me wishing for more at the end, I also liked the poems that were woven into the story. I would recommend this novel to all romance readers; I promise you won’t be disappointed.”–You Gotta Read Reviews,