Baby, It’s Cold Outside Releases!

I’m so excited for the big release day of Baby, It’s Cold Outside, an anthology with winter themed stories to keep you warm at night. I hooked up with the amazing Melody Anne, Kristen Proby, Emma Chase, and Kate Meader and each novella I can personally attest will hook you from the beginning and keep you there to the sweet end! You get FIVE stories for the price of one! Now, that’s a sale!
Searching for You takes place in the Searching series, but is a complete standalone. No one needs to have read any of the other stories – but I’m hoping you’ll get hooked and want to read Kate and Kennedy’s journeys in Searching for Someday and Searching for Perfect to prepare you before the next two releases this spring with Wolfe and then Arilyn in Searching for Beautiful and Searching for Always.

To celebrate, there’s a mass party going on at our BICO Facebook page linked here:

All of us will be stopping in throughout the day to offer prizes, share excerpts, and hang out. There’s also a big sweepstakes over at the Pocket page for a chance to win a prize pack of great gifts.

And of course, my street team always has access to the best opportunities for my thanks in helping me promote my books. If you want to join and get in on the action, click here to join The Probst Posse!


Please don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter! I pick one lucky winner a month to receive a gift card, plus I share first chapters, covers, and deleted scenes just with them. You can click right here to sign up:

I hope everyone had a fabulous October!

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About Blogging…

I used to love blogging.

There was something about highlighting the everyday occurrences and finding a nugget of magic within that fascinated me. Whether it was inspiration, or just a great laugh, I enjoyed figuring out the daily ups and downs and sharing my vision with my readers. It was also an important way to keep writing. With my schedule, before I began writing full time, squeezing in every precious moment on the page was key.

One of my favorite books is Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. The book consistently reminds me writing is like an exercise. The more we practice, use it, and tone, the better our talent gets. Like a ballerina at the barre, limbering up, the more heated and flexible and focused, the better the dance.

Goldberg never specified writing always had to be about the book or the story. She stressed journals and morning pages and essays and little snippets found within the framework of life. Writing is about who we are, what we believe. It’s a tiny piece of immortality spilled onto a clean, white page.

How beautiful and joyous is that?

Now that my days are filled with page counts, deadlines, promotion, marketing, copyedits, regular edits, and a slew of other things that have nothing to do with parenting or cleaning or being a good friend or trying to exercise and do all the chores that makes up a life, I don’t blog as much.

But sometimes, within the story of my book, a thought will come. A need to embrace and write about who I am, or what I see, or share something important. This is my favorite type of blogging. I remember when my boys were little, how each day was filled with diapers and chaos and boredom and joy, and I ran to the page at night to make sense of it all. So I would laugh. So I wouldn’t forget.

I don’t need it as much as they grow up and find their own way, but writing is simply a part of who I am and will always be.
So, I stopped in the middle of my deadline to share this blog and my random thoughts with you. I’m not advertising my new book, or sharing my cutting edge trailer, or trying to hook you with a contest.

It’s just a simple reminder that writing is important.

Because it’s our story. And we shouldn’t forget or give up.

May the words be with you.

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Throwback Thursday! On Superheroes!

So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I dusted this blog off and decided to re-run it.
This post reminds me of why I created my new book, Dante’s Fire, and even though it’s a bit different, I’m so proud of it and had a blast writing the story! It also reminds me of how fast my children are growing…how life needs to be savored and grabbed without pause. Enjoy…

My little one is obsessed with superheroes.
Personally, I think it’s pretty cool. My older son never really went through any phases intensely. He enjoyed cars for a bit, puzzles, little stuffed animals and figurines he carted around. Nothing last too long, and his interests were wide. But I’ve come to realize the superheroes aren’t going away any time soon.
What I love about my son’s current obsession is his intelligence with his questions. I must admit, I was never into superheroes, and dimly remember making fun of my poor brother with a sneer, calling him “ridiculous.” Of course, I was also the only girl on the block who detested dolls and Barbies. Give me a good book even at 5 and that’s all I needed. God, I would have been even more socially awkward if the Kindle or Nook was on the scene. But I digress.
Batman was the first. My son was fascinated with the Joker and his evil laugh, and Batman’s ability to face evil without a flinch. The Batmobile is super cool too. He demanded to know everything that Batman could and couldn’t do, including flying, exact amount of super strength, how he became Batman, and what gadgets were used in which situation. Thank God I knew a lot about Batman so a bit of brushing up was all I needed.
We moved on to Superman. Again, saw all the movies, knew about his past, so mom was well prepared. We hit Spiderman, Ironman, and the Incredible Hulk. The Fantastic Four nearly killed me – I knew nothing about it, and then McDonalds gave out little figures of The Thing and I was doomed. He collected three of them, made them utter the words “Clobber Time!” and asked me about the Thing’s past and what he did.
Enter the Internet.
I began researching superheroes. I delved into how they became who they were, and what type of power they possessed. My son was smart and asked these type of questions.
“Can the Hulk beat the Thing in a battle? Because, Mommy, you told me they both had inhuman strength and one yells ‘Hulk Smash!’ and the other yells ‘Clobber Time.”
Crap. I had no clue. Found out finally the Hulk had slightly more power than the Thing from a library book.
Then it was…
“Mommy, Kid Flash can fly so, so, so fast! But you said Superman was the faster than a speeding bullet and the ultimate in fastness. So who wins?”
Crap. Couldn’t really find the answer but all stats said Superman ruled so I went with Superman.
“Mommy, you said only Superman can really, really fly, but Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and the Hulk can fly too. ”
“Well, honey, Superman is the only one who can fly without any other costumes. Spiderman uses webs, Batman uses his cape and gadgets, Ironman uses his powerful uniform, and the Hulk jumps so high it really looks like he’s flying.”
My smug look said it all. I was such a COOL mom. I actually answered and discussed my child’s hobbies. Then..
“Ok. Mommy, what does the Silver Surfer do?”
CRAP. I went back to the computer. Silver what?
My son’s fascination got me to thinking about some important points about Superheroes. Most were regular human beings who had something terrible happen to them. They dealt with parental death, and bullying, isolation, and feeling lonely. Some important event changed who they were and they didn’t have a choice in the matter. They took their circumstances and rose above it. They received special powers but used them for good, not bad. They fight evil, but they are never done, because the bad guys keep coming back…and coming back…and coming back. They get up every morning and do the same thing and probably wonder late at night if they really made much of a difference. But they get up the next morning and do it anyway.
Pretty cool.
These are our stories. Our stories in day to day life. On television reality shows. In our books. When I am writing a new novel, my characters are the most important part of the story – the meat that holds it all together. We all have a superhero inside of us – some are just more flashy than others. Some will use it for good, and others for bad. Take your new character and delve deep. Look at the special powers that make your hero or heroine extra special. Sketch out the evil in the story – which can be internal or an actual villain. Dig below the surface. Have them make mistakes. My favorite part about superheroes are the obstacles they face, and that they all occasionally make a blunder. That makes the story so much richer.
My favorite part of reading a book is when I grasp the pages and get so frustrated with the character I want to shake him or her. Because that’s real. If they’re both right the entire book, well, I’m going to read another book.
Here’s to the heroes.

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Dante’s Fire Release Day!

It’s here!

Ah, release day. The crazy adrenalin rush of excitement, the sickness in the belly, the sweet anticipation of offering your new baby out into the world for consumption, opinion, and hopefully, satisfaction.

Dante’s Fire is based on my boys’ love and respect for superheroes. I call it contemporary romance with a twist. Some say it’s my first attempt at paranormal.

I just hope you think it’s a wonderful story.

Besides being able to purchase at Amazon, B&N, Ibooks, Kobo, and Google Play, it’s also available in print on demand and audible. Click right on the HOME tab to order in ANY format now!

As always, reviews – good or bad – are ALWAYS appreciated.

Thank you for allowing me to continue to offer you the stories of my heart.

Happy end of summer!

And now – on to the party!

GRAND PRIZE: Win a customized necklace. 2 RUNNERS UP: Receive a “winner’s choice” signed book by Jennifer Probst. US Only.

It’s Time To Meet A New Kind Of Hero…

Dante Stark has a dark secret–a legacy left to him by his father which is both a blessing and a curse. A traumatic experience as a small boy gave him special powers of healing, but it comes with a price. Destined to wander the world alone to heal others, he’s accepted his fate. Until Selina Rogers forces him to confront his deepest fears, erotic desires, and question his capacity to love.

Selina Rogers has made a name for herself at Inferno Enterprises. She’s tough, confident and prepared to succeed. She’s also built a world she believes is safe, until she’s attacked and then saved by a masked stranger. As he helps her heal physically and emotionally, she becomes fascinated by his overwhelming power and gentle touch. Determined to show Dante the love he’s been denying himself, Selina surrenders her heart, and dreams of a future with the mysterious man who completes her.

But will his dark legacy destroy them…or save them both…


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Jennifer Probst

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Sneak Peek at Dante’s Fire!

Happy August everyone!
I have been a very bad writer lately. Seems the lazy days of summer have caught up with me, and I’m worse than my children!
Besides sleeping late every morning, I’m constantly on the run with the kids. Sometimes I complain. Most often I don’t, because pool parties, beaches, libraries, parks, etc are FUN. Vacations are FUN.
And I’ll be paying for it big time in September anyway!
One thought to leave you with. If you’re wracked with guilt about word count, or not getting as much done as you had hoped, remember that as writers one of the most important things we need to do is LIVE. Refill the well. Experience life outside the office.
I strolled the beach and daydreamed stories. I’ve eavesdropped on tons of conversations and been inspired. I’ve felt the sun on my face and my children’s laughter drifting to my ears and felt happy. This is just as critical as writing the words.
On that lingering note, I’d like to offer you the first five pages of Dante’s Fire for your enjoyment. Thank you for helping me spread the word on this new novella, and please continue to add to your Goodreads list of books to read – if I get another 500 adds I’ll release another five pages!


DANTE Stark lifted his hands and pressed palms flat against the windowpane. Trees bent to the will of the storm, and the sky remained dark and unfriendly overhead. Rain streamed down in misty rivulets, pattering the glass. The chill soothed the sting of his skin, but he was used to the burn and barely felt the discomfort anymore.

It was over.

Of course, it had barely begun. A few dates. The promise of something more. Her smile was sweet, her demeanor gentle, but after a few evenings of him disappearing with no explanation, the foundation was already beginning to crumble. She stared at him with wariness now, the slight frown marring her brow as if she now greeted a stranger.

And she did. Because the half-truths he had to tell to keep his secret always got in the way. It seemed everything in his life was both a blessing and curse—the women he began to care for turned suspicious and pulled back. It was the price he had to pay to keep the dark legacy that some might see as a gift. Perhaps, it was. But right now, it didn’t feel that way.
Dante dragged in a breath and leaned his forehead against the smooth glass. He couldn’t do this to himself any longer. Or to them. He needed to accept the truth about his destiny.

He would always be alone.

It was safer. Kinder. No more hurt or false promises. No more lies. Loneliness, yes. But loneliness he’d always been able to handle.

He clenched his fists, refusing to wince at the soreness. This time, he’d do things differently. Inferno Enterprises was close to opening, and he’d planned to take a CEO position, hoping to bury himself in the blessed void of hard work. But his instincts warned him the move could be dangerous. He’d be in the spotlight, and would need to be involved in constant meetings, travel, and deal with the press. If he wanted his secret to remain safe, he had to stay on the sidelines. A place where he wouldn’t be noticed, yet able to keep an eye on everything.
A humorless laugh escaped his lips. He was about to launch a billion dollar Property Empire and couldn’t even claim it as his. God, life was cruel.

“Playing the brooding billionaire again?”

The mocking voice behind him made him groan. “I’m not in the mood, Chase. Leave me alone. How the hell did you get in here anyway?”

“My extra key. I sensed you needed an intervention.”

“Go away.”

Chase chuckled. “So you can cry against the window and rage about your fate in life? You disappoint me.”

Dante lifted his head. Damn. “Even you can’t deny me a few minutes of misery. Not only did I fail at another attempted relationship, but I’ve got to hand my newest corporation over to you.”
Chase studied him from the shadows. His friend was the only one who knew about his secret, and the only person in the world Dante trusted. They’d been working together for years, with Chase taking the lead as the face of the company while Dante was able to stay in the background. Most of the executives and financiers only knew Dante as a name on paper, but Chase was the main contact.

“Sara was never right for you,” Chase said. “You need a woman with some fire.” Dante raised a brow and his friend laughed. “Sorry for the metaphor.”

“You always sucked at creativity.”

“Not my forte. I’m better being the Alfred to your Batman.”

Dante laughed and turned from the window. “You’ve never cooked or cleaned in your life.”

“True. And you don’t have any cool machinery either. Kinda boring. But at least I’ll get to play with Inferno. I’ve already got my eye on some of the hotties we hired.”

Dante shook his head. “Work and play don’t mix, and we both know it. Keep to the clubs you like to frequent.” With his streaky blonde hair, light blue eyes, and smooth charm, Chase was a magnet to women and enjoyed them all. Many times in multiple pairings. His sexual escapades were widely known and he never lacked for partners. Dante envied his freedom and ability not to care.

“You’re no fun. I’m the symbol of discreetness. Maybe if you got laid more often you wouldn’t try to ruin my happiness. And theirs.”

“Maybe if you didn’t get laid so much you’d have a better shot at holding down a real relationship.”

Mock hurt carved out his elegant features. “I have real relationships. They begin each evening and end at dawn. Besides, it would be selfish to limit myself to one woman. Too many would miss out on the incredible opportunity for multiple orgasms.”

Dante grinned. “Why do I bother? Just concentrate on getting Inferno launched successfully.”

“Of course. Is my office cool?”

“Yes. A wet bar, exercise room, and a private bedroom. Mahogany desk, like you requested.”

“Excellent. While I’m enjoying the benefits of CEO stardom, where will you be?”

Dante rubbed his forehead. There was only one place he could assume a role where he knew everyone, everything, and was still invisible. “The mailroom.”

Silence fell. Then Chase burst into laughter. “Oh, this is too good. You’ll be delivering mail while I’m in the executive suite. This is poetic. You really are a fucking superhero.”

“Screw you. I’m still the owner and your boss. Now get your ass to work and out of my apartment.”

Chase was still laughing when Dante walked away. Maybe it was better this way. He’d lay low, be the eyes and ears of Inferno, and not have to worry about any mysterious disappearances or suspicious questions.

Yes. It was better to be alone.


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